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Hotel Munt Fallun - Ftan (Official Webpage)

Our rooms

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Zimmer / Room 1, 2, 3, 4, 5    Pr. CHF

Lounge and breakfast-room

Lounge and breakfast-room

The Hotel Garni disposes of 10 beds in 5 comfortable double-rooms with TV, Internet, iPod/iPhone dock, shower/bath and toilet. In the lobby are an iPad and WiFi available. One room is designed as a family-room with a bed-sofa for the children. Bikers may dispose of a small workshop. The Hotel Munt Fallun is absolutely non-smoking.

Please select your room!

Room 1  (Chombra pitschna)

Room 2 (Chombra chastè)

Room 3 (Chombra da lain)

Room 4 (Panorama Room)

Room 5 (Family Room)

Breakfast room and lounge

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